Made with love

At Marzipan, we believe in uniqueness. Every single product, every detail and every stitch is carefully handcrafted just for you. We never stockpile our products. Therefore, every single product of ours will have its own character, just as every single one of our precious customers does.

Marzipan Oversized Hoodies

Designing clothes has been my passion since forever. After years of experimenting with different cuts and patterns solely as a hobby, I decided to finnaly dive into fashion waters, as I believe I found something people would really love. Of course I am talking about Marzipan's oversized hoodies.

Marzipan Socks

Socks are another product I am passionate about. I've always been tired of those plain black or white socks, so I wanted to create something way more lively and vivid. I've created a colourful and unique line of socks for which I deeply believe you will simply adore.

Marzipan ScrunchiePan

Check out the best scrunchies in the world. They are trendy, unique, and never ever pull your hair.

Marzipan Berets

Who said berets can't be fun? These colorful uniquely shaped hats are a statement piece you can't miss out on. Made with love.

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