About Us

Designing clothes has been my passion since forever.


A few years ago, I became a grandma to a beautiful little girl and it was at that time my long lasting wish for designing and creating unique pieces of clothing arose again. I decided to replace my old hobby sewing machine with a new, professional one. Moreover, I completely transformed one of the rooms into a little sewing factory!! 


With a desire to create something different and special, yet comfy and practical, I spent a great deal of my nights seeking perfect designs, patterns and best materials possible.


Soon my first designs, mostly baby’s clothes came to be, followed by bodies, hats and pants. Finally, I have created a type of oversized sweater and socks.


Given the products were highly adorable, cute, high quality and I was supported and encouraged by my family and friends, I finally decided to offer my products to a broad circle of customers


This is how Marzipan - made with love, came to be.




With love, Simona